Abstract Criteria

1. Abstracts should not contain more than 400 words.

2. Only abstracts in the English language will be reviewed

3. You won’t be able to modify your abstract after it has been submitted.

4. Linguistic accuracy is your responsibility.

5. Abbreviations should be defined, explaining them between the brackets.

6. Abstracts should be sent as a PDF or Word file and the text should be written in standard text

form with font size of 12.

7. Abstracts should contain the following structure: title, the list of authors and the main text.

The main text should contain:

a) Introduction or background

b) Aims and objectives

c) Methods

d) Results

e) Conclusions

f) Keywords

8. If the abstract passes this procedure it will be forwarded to our scientific board and evaluated

with regards to its content

9. Authors of abstracts found to be promising by our Board will be notified by e-mail.

10. Abstracts must contain original data and meet international ethical standards. By submitting

an abstract, you confirm that the content of the abstract is free from plagiarism, and that you

agree to have your abstract submitted to a plagiarism detection software programme, if needed.

Requirements for POSTER presentation:

The recommended size of a scientific poster is 130 cm x 90 cm (height x width).

Suggested structure of a scientific poster is:



Materials and methods

Results/discussion/conclusions (literature cited)