“KISCOMS IV – Prishtina 2014” is the fourth international congress of medical sciences organized by “KISCOMS” organization. Congresses every two years are intended to cover topics of all medical fields by gathering international, regional and local medical students and health professionals.

Welcome note

As the Executive Director of the Congress, it is my pleasure to invite you to attend the 4th International Congress of Medical Sciences “KICSOMS IV – PRISHTINA 2014”, to be held in Prishtina (Republic of Kosovo), 9-11 May 2014.
This year’s Congress will draw attendance from leading healthcare professionals and students from all over the world.
Speakers representing different fields of medicine, as well as academic scholars and researchers will present and discuss interesting topics of medical sciences, focusing on experiences and latest techniques applied.
Our Organizing Committee team is on the verge of completing an outstanding scientific and entertaining programme that will fulfill the needs of every participant.
This three day long gathering is an excellent opportunity for you to meet with healthcare professionals and medical students from all over the world and at the same time create an opportunity for networking, collaboration and sharing of medical information.
Taking place in Prishtina, the capital city of the Republic of Kosovo, the youngest state in the world, it will be interesting for you to get informed about this fostering small country and its friendly people, which are known as the youngest population in the Europe.
On behalf of the entire organization team, I would like to cordially invite you to participate in the Congress and am looking forward to meeting you in May, at what promises to be an unique experience!
Fidaim Meholli
Executive Director of “KISCOMS IV – Prishtina 2014”

We are living in a world where the boundaries are becoming only formaly existent, we are living in a world where dynamism has reached its peak and everyone is moving in a UP-TO-DATE life.
The necessity to stay “in touch” with the time has put us in front of challenges of how to connect with the world wide and still remain in our identities and what defines us-what makes this challenge even more beautiful.
We are defined by Medicine-it is our mutual language, thus we are gathering to speak in one language in a far, far land for most of you, in the core of Balkans-Kosovo.
KISCOMS – a project started in 2008, aiming to influence and enhance scientific and critifal thinking, as well research, has travelled in these last years in Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia to embed finally in the corum where it all started –in Prishtina.
We attend to bring to the World a whole new UP-TO-DATE Medical Environment from our city, we challenge you to challenge us, we invite you to join us, we offer you to rise in the scene we have preprared for you.
KISCOMS IV-Prishtina 2014 is an opportunity for the World to come together in a whole new three days Kosova experience where we will exchange ideas, promote cultures World Wide and where each of us can promote ourselves.
It is up to you to make this experience unforgettable, together we can write a New Mecial History !
Sincerely Yours:
President of KISCOMS IV-Prishtina
Jehona Krasniqi

General information

KISCOMS has organized many scientific professional events until now. Three previous international medical congresses organized in three different countries (Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia) with around 1500 participants from all medical fields is a real proof. Renowned medical professionals’ lectures, quality research presentations selected by a professional scientific committee, interactive educational workshops, a possibility to meet medical students and health professionals from all over the world, an entertaining social program and a friendly environment of Kosovo are only some of the reasons to take place. A new organizing committee composed of active medical students will make it sure for you to have a quality time during your three day stay at the Congress.

Students of all medical disciplines and health professionals.

The congress will take place in the city of Prishtina, Republic of Kosovo. A specific location is in the process of selection and will be announced soon. After selection, a detailed information and a map of how to get there will be provided.

Dress code
Dress will be informal throughout the Congress.

Insurance and disclaimer
KISCOMS accepts no liability for injuries or losses of whatever nature incurred by participants, nor for loss or damage to their luggage or personal belongings.

The official language of the Congress is English. No translation will be provided.

Mobile phone policy
Please respect your fellow colleagues and friends by switching off your mobile phone in all meeting and poster rooms.

Special accessibility needs
If you require special arrangements to participate fully in the Congress, please contact us.

Registration and Abstract criteria

Passive Participation

As a passive participant, you are allowed to attend all sessions, workshops and lectures. However, you are not able to take part in the scientific contest or win a prize. You won´t be allowed to hold a presentation or display a poster on the conference. To regsiter as a passive participant, please click the following link:

Active Participation
Active participants will enjoy all privileges of passive visitors. In addition they will present their scientific work and compete for prizes with other participants. Any active applicant who is not selected by our scientific jury is very welcome to participate passively. Before uploading the abstract, please make sure your abstract meets our abstract criteria policy. To submit your abstract please click the following link:

Registration fees for active and passive participation are the same. To be part of the congress, after filling the registration form, you will have to pay a symbolic fee.
Until the 5th of May, 2014, fee for students is 15 euros and for medical professionals 25 euros.
After the aforementioned date, the fee for students is 20 euros and 30 euros for medical proffessionals.
These fees have to be paid in the following bank account numbers:

Account name: “KISCOMS”
Account number: 13-00-0010013886.09
BpB: Swift Code: BPBXXKPR

Account name: “KISCOMS”
Account number: 1903314988031138
BpB: Swift Code: NCBAXKPR

Account name: “KISCOMS”
Account number: 1189002048000103
BpB: Swift Code: MBKOXKPR

The fee includes:
-participation to all the sessions, lectures and workshops
-all the congress’ material and the Certificate of Attendance
-an official t-shirt of the congress
-participation to the opening and closing ceremonies and social events

1. Abstracts should not contain more than 400 words.
2. Only abstracts in the English language will be reviewed
3. You won’t be able to modify your abstract after it has been submitted.
4. Linguistic accuracy is your responsibility. 5. Abbreviations should be defined, explaining them between the brackets.
6. Abstracts should be sent as a PDF or Word file and the text should be written in standard text form with font size of 12.
7. Abstracts should contain the following structure:

  • Introduction or background
  • Aims and objectives
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Keywords

8. If the abstract passes this procedure it will be forwarded to our scientific board and evaluated with regards to its content
9. Authors of abstracts found to be promising by our Board will be notified by e-mail by 10th of April 2014.
10. Abstracts must contain original data and meet international ethical standards. By submitting an abstract, you confirm that the content of the abstract is free from plagiarism, and that you agree to have your abstract submitted to a plagiarism detection software programme, if needed.

Poster format

The recommended size of a scientific poster is 130 cm x 90 cm (height x width).
Suggested structure of a scientific poster is:
Materials and methods
Results/discussion/conclusions (literature cited)


Hotels in Prishtina can be found easily and they usually are located near the city center. We tried to make a list of hotels and hostels with affordable prices. Prices vary from 12-20 euros per night in a hostel, to 30-60 euros per room in hotels. Group reservations usually have a discount. For assistance you can contact us at:


Hotel AFA:

Hostel Aldi:

Hotel Grand:

Hotel Nartel:

more details for hotels


Hostel Han

Guesthouse Velania:

Hostel Prishtina:

Buffalo Backpackers:

more details for hostels

During your three day stay at Prishtina we recommend you to visit some great city sights and cultural spots.
Ethnographic Museum

A lovely traditional 18th century house set in a walled complex with several other buildings is the only original building left in the old bazaar area. Once owned by Emin Gjiku, a nickname for Emin Gjinolli, whose family owned the house, the complex was turned into a museum in 2006. The house its filled with exhibits on clothing, birth and burial rituals, handicrafts and more. The museum sells traditional gifts including white eggshell Plis hats.


The NEWBORN monument unveiled on the day of the declaration of independence on 17 February 2008.

Clock Tower

Every market town in the Ottoman Empire needed a clock tower so the Muslim believers knew when to pray and shops could all close and reopen at the same time so that no trader got any advantage from staying open longer. Pristina’s 19th century, 26-metre high clock tower looks very similar to the one in Skopje. It was built by Jashar Pasha beside the mosque bearing his name in the centre of the old bazaar area, and was made with sandstone and bricks. The original bell, which originated from Moldova, was stolen in 2001.

Germia Park

Just east of Prishtina town, this large park at the end of bus lines Nr. 4,5 and 9 has a popular open-air swimming pool that’s the size of a lake, and endless forests to ramble. It’s considered to be the “heart” of Prishtina where people go and spend their weekends there. Especially during the summer you will see a lot of people walking there on the fresh air.

There are enough cafés, bars and clubs in Pristina to keep all but the most demanding snobs satisfied. he great thing about Pristina is that it’s so small you can walk from bar to bar until you find something you like. Note that several places named as Cafés are also good night spots. We recommend the following places.

Food – Kosovo’s cuisine is very compatible with its continental climate. The daily Kosovo menu, highlighted by a variety of meat and pies, synchronizes well with the cold winters and hot summers. With its stormy history of conflict and conquest, Kosovo has developed a cuisine to which Albanian, Turkish, Croatian, Greek and Italian cuisines have all contributed.

Villa Germia
Rings Restaurant